Sunday, May 24, 2015

How to install ActivInspire in Ubuntu 14.04.2 64bit

I've searched a lot about installing ActivInspire in Ubuntu 14.04.2 64bit until I found this guide, but it needs some small modifications.

- Click on the Launcher (Ubuntu Logo on the top left) and search for Software & Updates.

- Open up Software & Updates and click on Other Software. Click on Add button and add the repository for ActivInspire:

deb precise oss non-oss

 - Close Software & Updates without choosing to update.

- In Terminal, type this:

sudo apt-key add Promethean.asc

This will add the key to the repository.

- Then, also in Terminal:

sudo apt-get install gcc-multilib

- Now to install the ia32-lib, in Terminal:

sudo -i
cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d
echo "deb raring main restricted universe multiverse" >ia32-libs-raring.list
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

- After you installed the ia32-libs, the source of Ubuntu 13.04 is no longer needed. So we need to remove it. In Terminal:

sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ia32-libs-raring.list

- Now, we need to creat /usr/local/lib32 directory, in Terminal:

sudo mkdir  /usr/local/lib32

- Then we need to move a file to our newly created directory and correct its name, in Terminal:

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ /usr/local/lib32/

- Finally! we got to install now ActivInspire, in Terminal:

sudo apt-get install activinspire


Blogger Daniel Rohde-Kage said...

Thanks a lot for this detailed tutorial. Activinspire works this way perfectly also on Linuxmint 13 'Maya' (Ubuntu 12.04.x).

8:36 PM  

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